Self care

Waking up

Welcome to the ability to mould and create whatever you wish in life. Play, explore, and go wherever the wind may lead. be present and aware, knowing your home withi yourself is always secure and safe because it is where you, the soul, always resides.

You are not your body, you are the conductor of your body and the world in which you live. Be daring, use your strength and courage to build the life you truly want. Let go of the past, the things that used to hold you back have no eight in this new world you’ve found.

Observe the way you are and stand firm in your space. Also observe how others treat you and show them how you will be treated from here on out. Take your time, there is no rush fore you are infinite. Enjoy the time it takes and learn as much about yourself and your construct of the world you are creating.

Wake up; It’s time to truly start living the way you intended when you first arrived in this body.

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