Meal Plan

Meal plans can be tricky because there a lot out there. Some say not to eat carbs, others say not to eat fats, while others are outright weird and tell you not to eat fruits or even some vegetables (what did carrots ever do to anyone?)

The plan below allows for you to eat everything (yes even carbs) and you can even keep your glass of wine with dinner. Here it’s all about balance and finding the right time to eat (and drink) the things you enjoy.

BUT FIRST, I need you to commit

and by commit, I mean to yourself. When you make the decision to change something happens; life becomes easier. You no longer have to second guess if you will eat half the cake at the party or binge drink when you’re feeling low. You decide to be healthy and the hard part is over. When you go 100% for you your choices follow suit, however when you are only 90% committed you are constantly battling that last 10%. Choose you, choose your health, and your choices are easy.

You will have bumps in the road, and there will be some days where you do eat the bad things, or special occasions get carried away. That’s great! It means you are human and living a great life. Just wake up in the morning, have your big glass of water, take a few deep breaths, forgive yourself, and get back on your horse. This is a journey, one that lasts your whole life. Stop demanding perfection from yourself because you will be disappointed. Instead let’s just do what we can, when we can, the best we can with what we have.

Let’s get started.

There are two types of meals you’ll be eating, the post workout plate and the anytime plate. It’s simple and easy to remember for your convenience. Depending on whether you use plants as your protein source or animals doesn’t matter. You can choose from a variety of protein and fat choices below.

Anytime plate: This will be your main plate. You want to get a big helping of vegetables. Your  morning meals up to 2 pm can be half veggie,  half fruit. If you use oil as your fat your measure will be 1 TBSP. (This does not count as the oil you line the pan with when you cook) 

Post workout plate: This meal is for after you exercise. You like carbs? Great! Let’s earn them. Your body    needs carbs to help with recovery, the  extra protein is there to help rebuild muscles, the vegetables and fruit are there to give the necessary rehydration and vitamins that were sweated out. 

*If you’re female use a small plate, males use a big plate.* 

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