Eating Well

“Let food be thy medicine”


When we decide to commit to ourselves and our health a few things we know must change; one of them is the food we eat. Food can be used as fuel to create and maintain a healthy body or it can be used a crutch for boredom, emotional distress, or out of habit.

Food has a lot more to do with how we are feeling on the inside than it does anything else. If we feel good about ourselves, the path we are taking in life, and many times our relationships with others and ourselves, the food we consume tends to be healthier, lighter, and we are less inclined to over indulge.

Below are some resources for you to help change the way you eat, please use any of these resources freely but I am going to ask one thing of you before you do. Write in a journal answering these questions:

How are you feeling? How are you REALLY feeling? If you are fighting something inside I would recommend sitting with yourself and the fluster your fighting; meditate, write about it, and work on centering yourself FIRST; then go back and eat lunch.

Grocery list

Download and print out for when you go grocery shopping or bookmark this page so it’s easy to pull up at the store.

PRO TIP: stay around the outside edges of the store as much as possible, only going into the inside aisles to get something specific. The healthier options are usually along the outer edges of the store.

Healthy Recipe eBook

Click the image to download the eBook for you to use as recipe ideas for you and the whole family. It is a beginners guide to plant based eating, many of the items I use still have some animal base to it like eggs and cheese.

For more recipes visit our Instagram account and look at the recipes highlight under our bio.

Looking for more tools to help you eat healthy?

The Course


Designed to change your life from the inside out, The Course dives deeper into your health using fitness and meal plans as tools. We work together to reveal your true self and guide you in transforming your life into the one you deserve, one step at a time. Enrollment for this transformational experience only happens twice a year. Be the first to know when enrollment opens by becoming an insider and get a 25% discount on the course.

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